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Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica video

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Just a minute ago I fixed the horrible P8 textures Battlestar Galactica was suffering from – and as promised here a video, enjoy!

YouTube – Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica

To be honest, Cxbx was here a while ago already, please compare our graphics to that here :

and you’ll see we’re not completely correctly rendering this yet… But a nice step indeed, don’t you agree?!

Edit : Blueshogun mentioned that Cxbx has better graphics fullscreen than windowed, so I tried fullscreen mode in Dxbx, and NOW compare the results !

(I captured this fullscreen, but the resulting avi fills only a quarter of the screen, oh well.)
Here my last recording, this time a short one using fraps :


Yeah! Fourth in-game reached!

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Here the fourth game going in-game with Dxbx : Battlestar Galactica !

I’m aware it looks like crap, and I know what causes it : Just like Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Battlestar Galactica uses D3DFMT_P8 textures, which are not supported by most graphics cards. Cxbx contains some code to translate them into a compatible format, but that doesn’t work in Dxbx somehow.

Once we get this fixed up, I’ll record another video or two. Stay tuned!

Dxbx surprise! Third in-game title : Petit Copter

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I can’t believe it myself, but we’ve got another in-game title on our hands!

PetitCopter never worked in Dxbx, while it did work (good) in Cxbx, so I sat down for that title and discovered the we where missing just one thing : Enough stack space. Once I figured that out, the fix was 1 minute work and the result can be seen on youtube :

YouTube – Dxbx running PetitCopter ingame

How’s that for a surprise!?!