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What to report…

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For anyone that is testing Dxbx, please read on:

In our development efforts on Dxbx, we’re well aware that only a very small set of titles work in our emulator. Even though we’re thrilled that many are interested in our little project, we can’t really do much with reports on not-working titles.

However, what we _are_ interested in, is a mention of any title (not mentioned before) that _is_ somewhat responsive; For example, we know that Crash Bandicoot, Myst III and Blade 2 do show initial graphics and/or the intro movie. Rayman Arena even reaches it’s menu’s. But that’s about it.

So if anyone gets *something* out of a title, and you haven’t read anything about it on this forum, then please report it! This will help us focus our efforts to improve these titles to get at least one step further.Our thanks already go out to the people that have been supporting us (testing titles and reporting back), like JoaoHadouken, Bill_gates and all others that support us!

PS: We would also be interested if anyone is actually playing the titles that we support now, and if it’s enjoyable?

Update: Bill_Gates started a thread for “games that do something” on ngemu forums. If you know of a game that works with DxBx and we don’t have any info on, please post it here.

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Is The Grinch coming to town ?

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Is the Grinch coming to town this year ?
We have to wait a few more weeks…
and then we can see… then its Xmas again.

Is the Grinch coming with DxBx goodness?

Is the Grinch coming with DxBx goodness?

But perhaps.. he is coming just like in 2008

Improved graphics in Gauntlet

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While working on Battlestar Galactica, I learned how P8 conversion should work.

So tonight, I sat down and tried to fix these for Gauntlet Dark Legacy too; Well : I succeeded! Here a video for you all to drool over:

YouTube – Dxbx running Gauntlet Dark Legacy

I want to stress that I’m not going to keep up this pace – the last two weeks have been very fruitfull indeed, but there’s a limit to what I can do. There are lots of other issues to fix and many of them will take time, lots of time.

But : Enjoy this one – cheers!