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New compatibility list

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx website (4 Responds)

We have just finished a new compatibility list that we hope is a lot better than the previous wiki-based one. This list is generated directly from our Google Spreadsheet where we keep track of the games so it will always be up-to-date.

For the interface we took some inspiration from PCSX2’s list because we liked how easy it was to check which games work and which don’t.

You can filter games by their status:

  • Playable (not 100% perfect per-se, but good enough; like Smashing Drive)
  • In-game (which means ‘not really playable‘; like Gauntlet was before the P8Format fix)
  • Menu (like level selection, character creation and what-not;┬áRayman Arena fits this category)
  • Intro (could be a logo and/or a movie playing; Blade2 comes to mind)
  • Nothing (which means that screen stays blank; This happens to many┬átitles ATM)
  • Unsupported (used for LTCG titles; We know about 80 of these)
  • Untested (the games that we know that exist, but haven’t had a chance to test)

You can also click on the column headers to sort the table by a specific column.

I hope you guys like it!

What to expect from Dxbx the coming year…

Posted by PatrickvL under Dxbx development (1 Respond)

As shadow_tj wrote already, 2011 will bring many improvements to Dxbx.

We’re working towards a 0.6 release, that already contains improvements to the graphics emulation, by improving the compatibility with various special cases in pixel and vertex shaders. Also, we’re improving our symbol scanning, which will hopefully improve our compatibility with titles that are currently not working. (We won’t make any promises, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this doubles the number of compatible titles.)

About compatibilty; We’re working on a compatibility list, inspired by the compatibility list of the PCSX2 emulator. This list will be updated with the latest compatibility information on as many titles as we can.
We’ll announce the availability of this list once we’re satisfied with it – it’s currently still in development, but already looking good. This is really a community effort, so please keep those reports coming, and already a big “thank you!” to all of you who keep testing & reporting back to us on so many titles!

Among the other things that we’re working on, is a port to Direct3D9. If we succeed in that, it will probably improve our compatibility with with a few exotic shaders and currently unsupported texture formats and might even solve a few problems we’re currently having with ATI cards.

And this is not even half of it (I personally keep an issue list that’s already 8 pages long.) So 2011 is going to be an exciting year for Xbox1 emulation!

Oh, on a closing note, some of you may wonder about this, let me clarify this : Dxbx is NOT competing with Cxbx!
In fact, Dxbx has much to thank to Cxbx – without that project we would never have come this far. People like Caustik, Soppskrut and KingOfC have really paved the way – and sincerely hope they become active once more!
Alas, Cxbx has been dormant for a long time, which is a pity as it was already at a very advanced stage when we started our translation to Delphi. Luckily, people like blueshogun96, StrikerX3 and Revelation have picked up Cxbx development once more, and judging by their reports, Cxbx is once again making good progress!

Meanwhile Dxbx is not standing still, and we just hope that the improvements we make will help Cxbx to improve too. We keep up an open and free exchange of information, as we see no reason to keep ‘secrets’ from one another.
It’s my personal hope that this mentality will attract more developers to both our projects and with that, we can make 2011 the year of Xbox1 emulation!

Thanks for reading,

Dxbx 0.5 released!

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on Dxbx 0.5 released!)

It is a week earlier then expected.. but its out now, a week before Xmas!

Dxbx 0.5 release has been published.

Here’s a small list of what’s included in the new version:

  • XBEExplorer can use Dxbx for generating symbol cache now if the symbol cache is not yet availible.
  • Fixed P8 conversion for non registered textures – ( Gauntlet ).
  • Fixed P8 conversion for registered textures – ( Battlestar Gallactica ).
  • Prevent Authentication check on DVD drive.
  • Lots of VertexShader and PixelShader patches and fixes.
  • Turok menu now shows the dinosaurs correctly.
  • As a result of the changes now the following games work:
    • Turok – Intro movie & start of main menu
    • Rayman Arena – Intro & main menu
    • Smashing Drive – Playable on Nvidia
    • Gauntlet Dark Legacy – playable
    • Petit Copter – playable
    • Battlestar Gallactica – playable

Hope you like this new release and have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!

Check out the downloads section to try it out now!

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