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While working in Dxbx we have made this powerful tool to explore xbe files.

XbeExplorer is a tool much like PeExplorer, written to dig into the contents of Xbox executables (xbe files).  All known header fields are shown, as well as all sections and their contents. For some section types, there are type-specific viewers, like an icon viewer, a ini-file viewer, there’s a pane with all strings in the XBE, there’s a hex-viewer and for code sections there are two subpanes : Hex view and Disassembly view.

XbeExplorer also reads the symbols that have been detected in a prior run of the Dxbx emulation enviroment. Even when the emulation failed, the detected symbols are used in the disassembly view, to form labels and named references.

A more recent addition, is the possibility to manually extract a symbol-pattern for some selected piece of code. This is especially helpfull for titles that are linked to an SDK versions that we do not have access to. These manually generated patterns can be combined, to form a (partial) scanning library for those missing SDK versions. We still need to update the scanning engine to take these partial patterns into account, but at least we can start sorting out the patterns already!

The latest version is bundled with the Dxbx installer, but you can also download the stand-alone installer from the downloads section.

New Features in version 1.1:
– Goto Address is working
– New feature: create your own pattern files.