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How can I run games that use this problematic link-time optimization (LTCG)?

We know of only one way around this: use a feature-complete LLE. None exists yet, though, so you’re out of luck. Might we suggest you use an actual Xbox1? 😉

LTCG stands for “Link Time Code Generation” – a technique that optimized an executable during the linking phase. A nasty sideeffect (for us) is that the resulting executable doesn’t contain the exact binary code, as was present in the original libraries.

This fact hinders our pattern scanning engine to such a degree, that we probably won’t find enough symbols that should be patched in order to run the game.

Sure, you could reverse engineer each of those titles and manually add symbol locations (like _SF_ did in Xeon to run Halo), but chances are that even then our patches don’t work anymore because of differences in argument-passing and whatnot.

So for now, we state officially that Dxbx won’t support LTCG generated titles. This paints a clear picture to the general public and gives us more focus on other areas. I’m sure you’ll understand this reasoning.