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What to expect from Dxbx the coming year…

Posted by PatrickvL under Dxbx development (1 Respond)

As shadow_tj wrote already, 2011 will bring many improvements to Dxbx. We’re working towards a 0.6 release, that already contains improvements to the graphics emulation, by improving the compatibility with various special cases in pixel and vertex shaders. Also, we’re … Continue reading

Dxbx 0.5 released!

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on Dxbx 0.5 released!)

It is a week earlier then expected.. but its out now, a week before Xmas! Dxbx 0.5 release has been published. Here’s a small list of what’s included in the new version: XBEExplorer can use Dxbx for generating symbol cache … Continue reading

What to report…

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on What to report…)

For anyone that is testing Dxbx, please read on: In our development efforts on Dxbx, we’re well aware that only a very small set of titles work in our emulator.¬†Even though we’re thrilled that many are interested in our little … Continue reading