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New compatibility list

We have just finished a new compatibility list that we hope is a lot better than the previous wiki-based one. This list is generated directly from our Google Spreadsheet where we keep track of the games so it will always be up-to-date.

For the interface we took some inspiration from PCSX2’s list because we liked how easy it was to check which games work and which don’t.

You can filter games by their status:

  • Playable (not 100% perfect per-se, but good enough; like Smashing Drive)
  • In-game (which means ‘not really playable‘; like Gauntlet was before the P8Format fix)
  • Menu (like level selection, character creation and what-not; Rayman Arena fits this category)
  • Intro (could be a logo and/or a movie playing; Blade2 comes to mind)
  • Nothing (which means that screen stays blank; This happens to many titles ATM)
  • Unsupported (used for LTCG titles; We know about 80 of these)
  • Untested (the games that we know that exist, but haven’t had a chance to test)

You can also click on the column headers to sort the table by a specific column.

I hope you guys like it!