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Dxbx needs Delphi developers

Posted by Wayo on 2011/11/18 – 18:28

For several months Dxbx has been on standby since PatrickVL and ShadowTJ left the project. If you’re interested in helping with the project comment on this post and I’ll get in touch with you.

It is a great opportunity to learn more about Windows’ internals and some low level programming. A lot of truly amazing work was done by PatrickVL, but it is unfinished. I am sure that if what Patrick was working on gets completed it will be a breakthrough in Xbox emulation.


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  1. 1.… Said:

    hello. i would love to help out as much as i can. i tried a little bit of programming a few years ago with gta san andreas online for the pc. it was very basic stuff. but i would love to further my knowledge. please get back to me as im very interested in learning. thanks.

  2. 2. Cris kupa Said:

    I would like to help with what ever you guys may need help in.
    I can try to help in any way i can if you guys just tell me what it is.?
    i would like to hear back from you guys.

  3. 3. James Carleson Said:

    I’m not really a programmer but would like to look at the source code anyway. I’m having trouble finding it, I don’t see it on . My email: imyosavior at yahoo dot com


  4. 4. Andrew Ingram Said:

    Okay guys.
    Do you know how long it’s taken me to find a half-way working module of the XBox 1?
    I’ve known the PCSX2 for several years now.
    Even though they’re at the same cross-roads with the project
    (everyone’s leaving)
    the PCSX2 can at least handle 75% if not more of the existing PS2 games *granted graphics card plays a large roll on the last 25%.

    I have complained for years about XBox not having one.
    Now that I see you have a good start, it saddens me that it’s being left without equal levels of completion.

    Mind you, for any parallel PS2/XBox game isn’t something I care about, however, there are some very XBox exclusive games that would be nice to experience.

    I dropped out of the Console Wars a long time ago. I hope this project can be continued as much as possible.

    I cannot offer much by way of programming, but I can help out in other ways.