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September 7, 2011


Shadow_tj leaves DxBx

For some people this news is something that hat to come sooner or later.
But now its official.. I also stop with developing Dxbx.

If people are interested in the source.. be free to use it.
Make new xbox emulators with it or other things… thats the beauty of open source development.

But i wanted to make it official., so everyone knows that Shadow_tj also is stopping to work on the Dxbx project.

Things has been changed personally.. so its time to set a point to the project.
No health issues and stuff. but need to concentrate on new things and oppertunities.

It was a plessure to work on the project, will remember it as a wonderfull time working on it.
Specially the people i have met during the project… but its time to move on.




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1 Comment
  1. Nice job! But…. :'(
    Jet Set Radio Future can´t even Start.
    Version 1.0.4134
    All Library Versions: 1.0.4134

    Please make our wish come true one day :'(

    Regards and NEVER GIVE UP!

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