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Archive for December, 2010

Improved graphics in Gauntlet

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on Improved graphics in Gauntlet)

While working on Battlestar Galactica, I learned how P8 conversion should work. So tonight, I sat down and tried to fix these for Gauntlet Dark Legacy too; Well : I succeeded! Here a video for you all to drool over: … Continue reading

Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica video

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica video)

Just a minute ago I fixed the horrible P8 textures Battlestar Galactica was suffering from – and as promised here a video, enjoy! YouTube – Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica To be honest, Cxbx was here a while ago already, please … Continue reading

Yeah! Fourth in-game reached!

Posted by Wayo under Dxbx development (Comments Off on Yeah! Fourth in-game reached!)

Here the fourth game going in-game with Dxbx : Battlestar Galactica ! I’m aware it looks like crap, and I know what causes it : Just like Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Battlestar Galactica uses D3DFMT_P8 textures, which are not supported by … Continue reading