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Dxbx 0.5 released!

Posted by Wayo on 2010/12/19 – 20:05

It is a week earlier then expected.. but its out now, a week before Xmas!

Dxbx 0.5 release has been published.

Here’s a small list of what’s included in the new version:

  • XBEExplorer can use Dxbx for generating symbol cache now if the symbol cache is not yet availible.
  • Fixed P8 conversion for non registered textures – ( Gauntlet ).
  • Fixed P8 conversion for registered textures – ( Battlestar Gallactica ).
  • Prevent Authentication check on DVD drive.
  • Lots of VertexShader and PixelShader patches and fixes.
  • Turok menu now shows the dinosaurs correctly.
  • As a result of the changes now the following games work:
    • Turok – Intro movie & start of main menu
    • Rayman Arena – Intro & main menu
    • Smashing Drive – Playable on Nvidia
    • Gauntlet Dark Legacy – playable
    • Petit Copter – playable
    • Battlestar Gallactica – playable

Hope you like this new release and have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!

Check out the downloads section to try it out now!

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