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December 10, 2010

Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica video

Just a minute ago I fixed the horrible P8 textures Battlestar Galactica was suffering from – and as promised here a video, enjoy!

YouTube – Dxbx running Battlestar Galactica

To be honest, Cxbx was here a while ago already, please compare our graphics to that here :


and you’ll see we’re not completely correctly rendering this yet… But a nice step indeed, don’t you agree?!

Edit : Blueshogun mentioned that Cxbx has better graphics fullscreen than windowed, so I tried fullscreen mode in Dxbx, and NOW compare the results !


(I captured this fullscreen, but the resulting avi fills only a quarter of the screen, oh well.)
Here my last recording, this time a short one using fraps :



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