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Looking for games built with SDK 4242

Posted by ShadowTJ on 2010/12/04 – 05:27
We are looking for games built with XDK 4242. Normally we look for games built with SDK 4627, like Turok and Rayman. However, recent developments have shown that SDK 4242 games have a very good compatibility with DxBx. Right now we only know of 2 SDK 4242 games: Smashing drive and Gauntlet. So now we are looking for more SDK 4242 games which might probably work with DxBx right now!

How to check the SDK version of a game?

  1. Download DxBx
  2. Open up the game’s XBE file with XBE Explorer or DxBx (default.xbe usually).
  3. Look at the Library Versions. For XDK 4242 all the versions should be the same and be 4242 or 1.0.4242.
XBE Explorer Library Versions

XBE Explorer Library Versions

Dxbx Showing Library Versions

Dxbx Showing Library Versions

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