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July 15, 2010

Dxbx 0.3 Released, have fun testing

A lot of new changes were made, like kernel functions implementation, control configuration, input devices and more.

Controls can now be configured and can be used during emulation mode, also the wired 360 controller can be used for this.

Perhaps there will come presets for configuration in the next release… but for now, controls are working.

Games are still not fully playable… but some games shows screens and some also display animations (like Rayman Arena). Homebrew games are working a lot better too…

What will work: most things that are close to XDK 4627.
What will not work: games made with OpenXDK, games with compiler optimalizations and games or homebrew that are made with debug XDK’s.

Have fun testing this new release, if you see something popping up the screen that you haven’t seen in the screenshots or videos… let us know, please.

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